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A collection made with passion and admiration for fine art. We invite you on a long and memorable adventure that we can't wait to experience together.



About Sad Gods

A team of developers and art lovers combined their expertise to create Sad Gods.

Sad Gods is a finite supply of 5000 stylish gods on the Cardano Blockchain. Founded in 2022, each NFT features a unique combination of traits and properties.

Sad Gods is a first-of-its-kind, community-driven conceptual art project inspired by the Greek god Apollo, the god of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, the Sun and light, poetry, and more. The project was built to go beyond the digital space that will unlock numerous benefits for our community starting with NFT airdrops, holder utility, and much more as we progress through our journey.


The First 500!


Date of the first mint:

June 3rd, 2022

The next mint:


Finish the design of the assets

We have finished our assets

Massive Giveaway After Collection Sold Out

The giveaway prize will be 5000 ADA shared between 20 Sad Gods Holders. Mint a Sad God, hold it, search yourself on the lucky winners list.

Rarity Chart

The rarity chart can be found in our discord!

Royalty Distribution

40% will be used for the development of the project. The other 60% will go to the Community Treasury.

Future Collections Airdrops


Website Launch

Our website is been updated constantly

Phase 2

Charity Donations

We will donate 5000 ADA to NGOs that support Ukraine refugee centers. We already had a conversation about this with an NGO from a country that is situated at the border of Ukraine. Everything will be documented for our community.

Phase 3

Auction House In The Metaverse

Get Verified On Marketplaces

We are verified on the biggest Cardano marketplaces

Buy-Back Wallet

After the mint, if anyone decides to leave our project and list below the mint price, we will buy these listings with the funds allocated to the buy-back wallet and everything will go to the DAO Treasury.

Customizable Art Gallery

Release The NFT Collection

We have launched our collection of 5000 Gods and sold the first 500. After what we have stopped the mint for a future release.

Community Treasury

60% of royalties will be allocated in this wallet. The holders will decide how to distribute these funds. We can invest them or distribute them. Polls will be created in order to decide this.


Phase 1


Sneak peek 1.png

Paris. Co-Founder and Designer. 

Sneak peek 6.png

Deus Tristis. Co-Founder and Developer.

Sneak peek 2.png

Dorus. Co-Founder and Marketing Strategist.

Hermes. Community manager.


Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright © 2022 Sad Gods

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